Upcoming Change to Access Code42 Public Cloud

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  • 1.  Upcoming Change to Access Code42 Public Cloud

    Posted 10-03-2019 11:54
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    To ensure the security and integrity of the Code42 environment, we will be implementing a networking change effective February 4th, 2020 which will:

    • Remove the ability of Code42 apps to use port 4282 to communicate with Code42 cloud destinations, and
    • Result in currently unsupported Code42 apps older than version 5.4 (with the exception of 4.8 and 4.9) being unable to connect to Code42.

    This change affects all Code42 customers who:

    • Run unsupported Code42 apps older than version 5.4 with the exception of versions 4.8 and 4.9 and
    • Use Code42 cloud destinations for storage.

    This change does
    not affect Code42 customers who:

    • Run supported Code42 app versions on port 443 and/or 4287
    • Have on-premises installations of Code42 that use on-premises storage.

    For affected customers, please take the following steps to ensure uninterrupted service: 

    • Make sure ports 443 and/or 4287 are open for Code42 app communication
    • Upgrade to the latest supported version of the Code42 app.

    How do I know if my Code42 apps will connect after February 4, 2020?  

    How do I find  devices that are currently running unsupported versions?

    For questions or if you need help, please review this article or contact our Technical Support team.

    Thank you,
    Josh Berg
    Manager, Technical Services