RELEASE NOTIFICATION: Code42 App 8.2.2 Release

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  • 1.  RELEASE NOTIFICATION: Code42 App 8.2.2 Release

    Posted 07-30-2020 17:02
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    RELEASE NOTIFICATION: Code42 App 8.2.2 Release

    In early August 2020, Code42 will be releasing Code42 app version 8.2.2

    As a reminder, administrators can delay this upgrade for up to 60 days by configuring a global delay or organization exception using Delayed Client Updates.  Administrators who do not configure a delay will continue to receive new versions of the Code42 app on release day.

    If you set a delay to prevent upgrading to version 8.2.0 immediately upon its release on July 15, 2020, and are still within that delay window when 8.2.2 is released, devices will not upgrade to 8.2.0. Instead, they will upgrade to 8.2.2 according to your delay settings. If you have questions or concerns about how this impacts your environment, please contact our Customer Champions for support.

    Enhancements in version 8.2.2 of the Code42 app include:

    • Fixed a rare security event reporting issue for Windows devices using the Chrome web browser.

    Please review the release notes for more details on features and updates on the release timeline for 8.2.2. 

    Morgan Miller
    Technical Support Manager
    Minneapolis MN