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    Changes to Code42 Cloud IP Address Allocation Policy (August 11, 2020):

    What is changing:

    Code42 will begin utilizing our full set of published IP ranges and will no longer provide or guarantee IP ranges within our defined IP ranges for individual components of the Code42 cloud effective August 11, 2020 (previously August 7). 

    The full range (unchanged since March 13, 2019) is listed on the Code42 support site.

    After August 11, 2020 Code42 will be shifting key elements of our infrastructure  (specifically including the components responsible for hybrid-cloud functionality) to updated IP address ranges within our published ranges. It is important that your firewall rules allow access to all published ranges for the Code42 cloud. Current firewall rules targeting a subset of Code42's listed IP addresses will result in deteriorated service.

    Impacted customers:

    Customers who do not have firewall rules in place or who utilize exclusively on-premises storage will not experience any service interruption and no action is required.

    Action is only required if you meet either of the following conditions:

    • Have firewall rules in place which limit outbound or inbound network traffic from your Code42 authority server to a subset of Code42's published IP ranges.
    • Have firewall rules in place which limit outbound or inbound network traffic to the existing Code42 cloud IP range from endpoints.

    Action required for customers with outbound or inbound firewall rules: 

    Update all server and endpoint firewall rules to allow bi-directional traffic to all Code42 IP ranges (as outlined here) prior to August 11, 2020 to ensure uninterrupted connectivity to the Code42 cloud.

    If you have any questions or concerns about any of these changes, please reach out to our Customer Champion team for assistance.


    The Code42 Team

    Morgan Miller
    Technical Support Manager
    Minneapolis MN