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End Users vs IT Technicians to Restore Backups?

  • 1.  End Users vs IT Technicians to Restore Backups?

    Posted 04-09-2020 13:16
    Greetings Code42 Community,

    I'm trying to think if my institution (HigherEd) should rethink how we do our computer replacement process as it relates to getting data from one computer to the next.  Currently, when a user's computer is replaced, we have an IT technician do a migration of data (not using CrashPlan).  Are there institutions / businesses that have a user restore their own files when a computer is replaced?  If so, what does that process look like (expectations, support for the end user, etc)?  Are there others that use data migration tools in conjunction with CrashPlan for migrating users to another computer and if so, what does that look like?  Are there any side cases, gotchas, etc that should be considered?

    Our goal is to automate this process as much as possible to save on time and user disruption.

    Stay well,

    Joe de la Cruz
    Desktop Systems Administrator

  • 2.  RE: End Users vs IT Technicians to Restore Backups?

    Posted 04-13-2020 07:48
    Hi Joe,

    When users replace their computer, you could direct them to log in on the new device and go through the Replace Device wizard within the Code42 client. This will walk them through restoring their files and resuming backup. I know that many of our customers use this procedure to restore users' data after computer replacements (I actually had to do this myself not too long ago when my own computer came up for a device refresh).

    The biggest gotcha with this method is that users have to click through a few more screens after the restore of data completes, and then they will need to sign in to the UI again in order to resume backup, and it can be easy to forget (especially if they have a large archive that will take a while to restore).

    Has anyone else got a procedure for this situation that they like to use?

    Cecilia Stevens
    Solutions Consultant, Professional Services

  • 3.  RE: End Users vs IT Technicians to Restore Backups?

    Posted 04-21-2020 09:53
      Sadly, no - what you described is pretty much the procedure the various IT service groups have settled on here at Cornell, with mixed results.  On one hand, since usually a tech has to deliver the new device to a user, having the tech help the user start the Code42 device replacement process isn't a big deal; in fact, it is just one of the items on the drop-off checklist.  However, the subsequent click through after a restore finishes is often skipped by the user - and we have the device archives in our Code42 instance to prove it.  (Easiest clue: device in user archive with old device name+new device host name AND device in user archive with new device name+new device host name).

      My techs are really interested in some kind of push restore capability - but that approach has issues also, particularly if the user only wants to restore some of their data and/or they want their Windows settings migrated.

    Bob T

    Robert Talda
    System Engineer IV
    Ithaca NY

  • 4.  RE: End Users vs IT Technicians to Restore Backups?

    Posted 08-27-2020 10:27
    Apologies for replying to a somewhat older topic - the route we use a lot to restore files for an end-user after replacing/upgrading them to a newer device is restoring files to a device in their original location from the administration console of the authority server.

    We have tried to teach the user how to do it through the code42 client, but if they become frustrated, having them explain where the files would have been allows us to search for them in their old device's backup and push restore them to their newer device in the original location.

    From what i have investigated, If they want their Windows settings imported after the device replacement process has been performed i have found the only ways to do this is from deleting their device and cold storage archive and going through the add new device process again, or finding the USMT.MIG file that is created from code42 under \Programdata\crashplan\user_settings and restoring using USMT manually (requires knowledge of USMT command syntax).

    If i remember correctly, only the user directory is backed up by default when setting up an authority server. You must include any higher/root folders (e.g. c:\programdata) manually through device backup settings if you want to include the mig file location in a user's backup.

    Mitchell Aubitz
    Desktop Support Specialist
    Eden Prairie MN