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User deactivation script

  • 1.  User deactivation script

    Posted 11-02-2019 10:51
    Code42 Community,

    Has anyone written a Python script that deactivates user accounts (LDAP and local) based on specific criteria?  I don't see anything on GitHub.    We want to avoid LDAP sync at this point because we don't want to delete someone's device archives inadvertently.    Primary criteria for deactivation a user account would be:

    user account hasn't logged in for a specific period of time (Ex: 180 days)
    user account has no devices associated with it
    user account does not have specific roles assigned (Ex: org admin, all org admin, etc.)

    We are on-premise and run Code42 version 7.0.3


    Sergio Martin
    University of Texas at Austin

  • 2.  RE: User deactivation script

    Posted 11-05-2019 09:48


    I'm unaware of any scripts Code42 has written that do this.  We do have something for deactivating devices (with lots of filters/parameters), but not users.  Contact your account manager if you'd like Code42 Professional Services to assist with writing one for you.

    Paul Hirst
    Senior Technical Account Manager
    Minneapolis MN

  • 3.  RE: User deactivation script

    Posted 11-05-2019 16:55
    I should add most customers use LDAP Active Scripts to manage user activations / deactivations.  Some get creative with how their scripts work, but this is the typical method for user management.

    Paul Hirst
    TAM Manager