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USMT configuration for Office 2019/Office 365

  • 1.  USMT configuration for Office 2019/Office 365

    Posted 08-24-2020 11:09
      Apologize for the lack of technical detail, but I am a little out of my depth here...but a number of Org Admins here at Cornell are reporting issues with migrating Windows user profiles once said users have migrated to Office 2019 or Office 365.  Know that issue has to be with information in the .xml files, but no one here has been able to isolate the problem - so  we are reaching out...

    Thanks in advance,

    Robert Talda
    System Engineer IV
    Ithaca NY

  • 2.  RE: USMT configuration for Office 2019/Office 365

    Posted 08-26-2020 10:59
    Hey Robert,

    Jay here the community manager, I'm going to point you to speak with

    Jay Rathell
    Minneapolis MN

  • 3.  RE: USMT configuration for Office 2019/Office 365

    Posted 08-26-2020 15:51
    Thanks! Working with Org Admin to set this up - going to need a device migration for a real user, not something we can set up easily in test..


  • 4.  RE: USMT configuration for Office 2019/Office 365

    Posted 18 days ago
    Hi all

    Closing the loop on this request. Here is what support determined:

    For USMT, all the Code42 app does is call Microsoft's USMT, has USMT save the .mig file in a folder we back up, and then back up that .mig file. The Code42 app can restore the .mig file back to the device. After the restore, Microsoft's USMT tool takes over and handles the .mig file to complete the migration. The Code42 app doesn't really have anything to do once USMT takes over.

    The Code42 app shouldn't be doing anything special, or unusual, to the .mig during the backup, or the restore. The USMT .mig file is just a file, like any other file. They found several results that indicate USMT can cause issues with O365 even when the Code42 app is not involved. Below are examples of a web search for USMT causing office 365 issues:

    Two of them mention something about needing to disconnect the O365 profile before running USMT and "unconditionally excluding the AAD folder from local Appdata"

    Given the findings that USMT can cause issues even when Code42 is not involved, it might help to have someone test a USMT migration without using Code42. Create a test device that has an O365 set up in a way that mirrors how an end user would have their device set up. Next, you could use USMT (without Code42) to save a .mig file to a thumb drive, or some type of removable media. After the .mig file is created, wipe the computer and try to set it up again using the .mig file. See if the issue happens again. 

    Cody Kilian
    Code42 Technical Account Manager

    Cody Kilian