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  • Thanks Ben. Much appreciated. ------------------------------ Taj Popoola System Administrator Sunnyvale CA ------------------------------

  • Thanks a lot Moustapha ! That will surely help. ------------------------------ Taj Popoola System Administrator Sunnyvale CA ------------------------------

  • Hey Taj, We actually have examples in the following article (I linked the appropriate part) for the Linux command and arguments for installing; ...

  • Hello, I did in perl, but i think it's the same way with any language of script. With the new server, you just need to link to your server if you are in on premise environment. The command look like this :  ".../" -qd "DEPLOYMENT_URL=https://yourserver:4285&DEPLOYMENT_POLICY_TOKEN= ...

  • Hey Guys, Does anyone have experience with installing code42 in Ubuntu with a shell script.  Trying to come up with a script that can be used to install on Ubuntu Machines. Thanks, ------------------------------ Taj ---------------------------- ...


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