Get notified of new and updated support articles

On the 1st and the 15th of every month, Code42 posts a list of any new and updated support articles available on the Code42 support site such as product documentation, terms and conditions, and troubleshooting guides. The list covers changes from the previous two weeks. You must be signed in to the Code42 community to see this list.

To get an email when the change log is posted, follow the steps below.

Already a community member?

If you have a Code42 community user account, follow these steps to subscribe to notifications.

    1. From, click Log In.
    2. Sign in using your existing customer portal account.
    3. Go to the Documentation Updates forum.
    4. Click Join Community.
      A confirmation dialog appears.
    5. Select your notification setting. By default, you'll receive a notification in real-time, when a new change log is published.
    6. Click Yes Join the Community.

You are now set up to receive notifications for documentation updates.

Not a community member?

If you aren't a Code42 community member yet, sign up for the Code42 community, then log in and follow the steps above to subscribe to the Documentation Updates forum.