Edit profile

Your profile not only contains the obvious things like your profile picture and personal information, but it also is where you access things like your privacy and notification settings, see your contacts, and check up on your contribution summary for the community. 

To update your profile

  1. In the upper-right corner, click the drop-down next to your picture and select Profile.
  2. To add a profile picture, under your current picture or avatar, click Actions and complete the following: 
    1. Select Change Picture.
      A browse window appears.
    2. Drag your profile picture into the window or click Choose File and select your profile picture file.
    3. Click Save.
      Your profile photo is uploaded. 
  3. To add information to any of the remaining fields on your profile, click Add, complete the form that appears, and click Save.
    Your profile is updated with the newly added information.
  4. To change your privacy settings, see Adjust privacy settings.
  5. To change your notification frequency, see Change discussion email notifications.