Format text in the editor

If you want to "get fancy" with your posts by doing more than just typing in plain text, use the post editor to add formatting as follows.

To change font size:

  1. In the editor, select the text for which you would like to change the font size.
  2. In the menu, point to Styles > Formats. 
  3. Select an option from either Headings or Blocks

To strip formatting from text formatted in the editor:

  1. Select the text from which you would like to strip formatting. 
  2. Point to Styles.  
  3. Select Clear Formatting.

To paste formatted source text into the editor without formatting:

  1. Copy the text you would like to add to your post. 
  2. In the editor, point to Edit and select Paste as text
  3. Paste the text.
    It should be plain text. If not, try exiting the editor and trying again.