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There are multiple forums in the Code42 community, and as we grow, there will likely be more. Here are some examples of our top forums:

Default Membership

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Open Discussion
  • Network with fellow Code42 admins. 
  • Discuss Code42 products.
  • Exchange best practices.

You are automatically added to this forum when you join the community.

Daily digest.


Get updates from Code42 about:

  • Maintenance windows.
  • Changes to support hours for holidays or other events.
  • New Code42 releases.
  • Service status.

You are automatically added to this forum when you join the community.

Documentation Updates

Provides a list of new and updated support articles that are available on This is a private forum and is not visible until you join it.

Join this forum if you are interested.

Daily digest, on the 1st and 15th of the month.

To join the Code42 community 
  1. Click Log In.

  2. Enter your existing Code42 customer portal credentials (the credentials you use to create and manage your enterprise support cases), or click sign up and create a new account.
    Get more info on creating a customer portal account.

  3. Accept the terms and conditions.

To join a forum in the Code42 community

  1. Click the Communities drop-down and select All Communities.

  2. Locate the forum you would like to join in the list and click Join.
    A confirmation dialog appears.

  3. Verify your email address and notification settings and then click Yes, join the community.
    A dialog appears asking if you want to visit the community.
  4. Click Yes, navigate to the community to see the posts in the the forum you just joined or click Close to return to the list of forums.

To adjust how often you are notified of updates for a particular forum, see Change email notifications.