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  • Posted in: Open Discussion

    Kyle, There are alternative methods using the API to get this data ( option 1 or option 2 ).  The data returned is in JSON format, requires the correct permissions, and the API method need to be properly authenticated (which require additional ...

  • Posted in: Open Discussion

    Hi Ben, Thanks for the reply!  Unfortunately the alternative methods won't work as I am looking for multiple folders worth of files, and not just one specific file. I appreciate you putting in the feature request, let me know if you would need any additional ...

  • Posted in: Open Discussion

    Hi Kyle, Retrieving individual file paths is a bit tricky from the console, as the data needs to be built from the archive. There isn't really a file server-side that has these paths laid out in a way where we can quickly grab them. Depending on your ...


  • On-Premises release notification: Version 8.2 Code42 is pleased to announce the on-premises release of version 8.2.5 of the Code42 server and 8.2.1 of the Code42 app which include: Updated path and process names for the Code42 app CPU resource ...

  • Last month the EU - U.S. Privacy Shield Framework was invalidated and no longer a mechanism for transferring personal data from the EU to the U.S.  In wake of this decision, we updated our Data Processing Addendum (DPA) to automatically include Controller ...

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