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    My PowerBI config has the API URL as https://www.crashplan.com/API and then the related calls after that. The documentation page appears to have some new stuff (swagger?)  https://support.code42.com/Administrator/Cloud/Monitoring_and_managing/Introduction_to_the_Code42_API/Code42_API_documentation_viewer ...

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    RE: Code42 Cloud and API

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    What is the URL that you are leveraging with the Cloud. Tried a couple different combinations and ports, but ends up failing. For SSO do you have MFA enabled at all? Thanks ------------------------------ Ken Bailey Senior Desktop Engineer Pegasystems, ...

  • Posted in: Open Discussion

    Ken:   We've been cloud customers for more than a year - but only now have been delving into the api.  Our use has been slowed because of the need to integrate use with our SSO infrastructure, so we've not been able to distritube to our Org Admins as ...

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  • Code42 app version 7.2 will be released to cloud-only environments in mid-to-late September 2019. Administrators can now delay this upgrade for up to 60 days (the previous limit had been 30 days) by  configuring a global delay or organization exception ...

  • Below please find our quarterly recap of changes to our supported operating systems. You can also find this information on the  Code42 Support  site.  Code42 Support Announcement for macOS Catalina Code42 will fully support macOS Catalina following ...

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