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  • Posted in: Open Discussion

    I should add most customers use LDAP Active Scripts to manage user activations / deactivations.  Some get creative with how their scripts work, but this is the typical method for user management. ------------------------------ Paul Hirst TAM Manager ...

  • Posted in: Open Discussion

    Sergio, I'm unaware of any scripts Code42 has written that do this.  We do have something for deactivating devices (with lots of filters/parameters), but not users.  Contact your account manager if you'd like Code42 Professional Services to assist with ...

  • Posted in: Open Discussion

    Code42 Community, Has anyone written a Python script that deactivates user accounts (LDAP and local) based on specific criteria?  I don't see anything on GitHub.    We want to avoid LDAP sync at this point because we don't want to delete someone's device ...


  • The Code42 app version 7.4 will be released to cloud-only environments mid-November 2019.  As a reminder, administrators can delay this upgrade for up to 60 days by configuring a global delay or organization exception using Delayed Client Updates ...

  • Our support teams will have limited availability Monday, November 11th & Thursday / Friday, November 28th & 29th. The Code42 Enterprise Support Team will have limited availability on the following days: Monday, November 11th: Veteran's Day  ...

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