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  • Posted in: Open Discussion

    Hello everyone, The best way to take advantage of your Code42 deployment is to stay informed about the latest features, and we want to make that task a little bit easier. Below are a couple of new resources to help keep you in the loop: ...

  • Posted in: Open Discussion

    Welcome aboard Chris! ------------------------------ Ken Bailey Senior Desktop Engineer Pegasystems, Inc. Cambridge ------------------------------

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  • Posted in: Open Discussion

    Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a great week. My name is Chris Weaver and as of today, I have formally taken over as your Community Manager. Over the last few years, Lindsay Starke has been a valuable resource within the community and I look ...


  • Code42 is pleased to announce the availability of version 6.9.4 of the Code42 app. The Code42 app will be automatically upgraded to version 6.9.4. If you have previously set a global delay or organization exception , the Code42 app will be automatically ...

  • ADVANCE CLOUD RELEASE NOTIFICATION: Code42 app version 6.9.4 coming soon Beginning April 16, a new version of the Code42 app will be available to cloud-only environments. Administrators can delay this upgrade for up to 30 days by configuring ...

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  • My first experience as a Code42 customer actually began when I started deploying Code42 as an intern at Maxim Integrated. At this point, we were really focused on protecting data from loss through data...
  • In the old days, security teams and engineering teams were highly siloed: security teams were concerned with things like firewalls, anti-virus and ISO controls, while engineering teams were concerned...
  • No matter what we do in our jobs, we all want to provide value back to the organizations where we work. With some jobs, tangible evidence of value is very apparent, such as hitting your sales quota...

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