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    Glenn, We have our beta server instance running in AWS but it's only 25 users and the backup storage is pointing to Code42's cloud.  Not if you have the option to go that way but it's a pretty sweet setup! ------------------------------ Ed Bobak Mac ...

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    3 Starts for Cliff, between the xml files and the video I think I might have my setup working.  Now on to test a few restores this weekend! ------------------------------ Ed Bobak Mac Engineering Ann Arbor MI ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Open Discussion

    Thanks Cliff, though I feel like those settings shouldn't be relevant to the behavior I'm seeing.  Nothing about the network or back-end storage topology is changing here.  Over the course of a 10 minute period, I can open and click on the client UI (to ...


  • Code42 has scheduled maintenance for the Code42 cloud on Saturday, February 24, 2018, for a  6-hour  window starting at 8 AM US Central time. Newly installed devices may see an inability, or delay to begin backing up until maintenance has passed. Previously ...

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  • Original message update, this 6-hour window has been changed to beginning at 8AM US Central Time. I apologize for the error. ------------------------------ Josh Berg Code42 Manager, Enterprise Support ------------------------------

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