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  • Posted in: Open Discussion

    Hello there everyone, We always prefer to detect threats before they become big problems: hence the awesome tool that is Code42's Forensic File Search. On July 24th, @Nathan Hunstad ( Director of Security Operations) and @Matthias Wollnik (Senior ...

  • Posted in: Open Discussion

    Robert, It's tempting to put them in as Global but you might run across someone who needs to backup some kind of research video's so we put stuff like that in filename exclusions. ------------------------------ Ed Bobak Mac Engineering Ann Arbor MI ...

  • Posted in: Open Discussion

    Being new to Code42, I'm puzzling over some of the more subtle points, such as this one.   Imagine that our university policy was that no movies were to be backed up via Code42.  Would I be better served by putting exclusions for filetypes .AVI ,. FLV, ...


  • RELEASE NOTIFICATION Announcing version 6.7.3 maintenance update. Version 6.7.3 corrects several issues introduced in version 6.7.2 of the Code42 Platform. For more details regarding version 6.7.3, please view the release notes . Upgrade ...

  • Code42 will perform unscheduled maintenance for the Code42 cloud on July 5th, 2018 starting at 7 PM US Central time. This maintenance may last up to six hours. During this window, the Code42 administration console and web restore may be unavailable. ...

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