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    We have a couple initiatives. 1. Will be to move to the cloud. 2. We want our users to be more educated to encourage more of a self service environment. For example we are looking to educate our legal team on how to use the Legal Hold functionality. ...

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    Hi everyone, The new year sure gets everyone talking about goals, resolutions, and initiatives-whether it's one person resolving to get healthy or an entire company resolving to finally streamline their workflows. I'm sure a lot of you have new initiatives ...

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    another link about this issue : https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1653832 ------------------------------ Moustapha Kourouma Ingeener Rennes ------------------------------


  • ON-PREMISES RELEASE NOTIFICATION Code42 is pleased to announce the on-premises release of version 6.8.6. The 6.8.6 release is a maintenance update that contains a number of fixes and enhancements.   Most notably, 6.8.6 corrects an application ...

  • Welcome to the official Announcements forum on the Code42 online community. Here, you will receive crucial notifications from the Code42 team on topics like product releases, cloud service status updates, holiday support hours, and more. I hope you find ...

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  • It’s incredible how complex today’s IT environments have become. Among the central promises of cloud computing were simplified management and security. However, almost paradoxically, it is the ease...
  • In my most recent post, I wrote about the important role proactive threat hunting plays in a mature security program. Equally important to a well-designed program and closely related to hunting for...
  • Catch up on the best stories from the Code42 blog that you might have missed in December. Here’s a roundup of the highlights. Tips From the Trenches: Threat-Hunting Weapons: Defensive tools are essential...

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